Specific Phobias

"No there wont be dogs there"

Your child is paralyzed with fear from specific things (dogs, bugs, storms, shots, etc)

Signs of specific phobia in children:

  • intense fear to specific things
  • unreasonable and persistent fear of objects or situations
  • often plans ahead to avoid feared objects or situations
  • will ask many questions ahead of time to ensure wont be faced with feared object or situation
  • no anxiety if able to avoid feared object or situation
  • keeps seeking reassurance that feared object wont be there


  • animal type (dogs, cats, birds)
  • natural environment type (storms, heights, water)
  • blood-injection type (shots, seeing blood, medical procedures)
  • situational type (bridges, elevators, flying)
  • other types (vomiting, loud sounds, costumed characters)

Anxiety Treatment...

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
  • learn to face feared situations through gradual exposure to specific phobia
  • I can be with your child during exposure exercises which can be outside of the office