Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

"My kid's worries are bizarre"

OCD is more common that you think.

Different than GAD as these are unrealistic fears that do not make sense.

Does my child have OCD?

“Step on a crack break your mother’s back” has literal meaning to it.

  • intrusive thoughts, images and impulses that are bizarre
  • ritutals or compulsive behaviors (washing, checking, redoing) to relieve anxiety
  • rituals take up lots of time and impacts home and school life
  • fears about contamination- extra time spent cleaning washing, excessive wiping
  • highly superstitious and senseless fears

Obsessions: persistent, disturbing and inappropriate thoughts images or ideas that get stuck
Repeatedly asking questions- hard to reassure by answers

Compulsions: spending too much time doings things over and over, or avoiding ordinary activities
Rituals or compulsions help relieve anxiety and are often precise rules for ordinary behaviors.
Strict rules to prevent harm.

  • create distress
  • time consuming
  • feel has to do something
  • if interrupted will cause great distress and child starts over
  • inflexible

OCD Treatment