Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Thoughts  Feelings  Behaviors

Counseling and Therapy for Children and Adolescents in Westchester County, NY.

I provide individual counseling and therapeutic services to children and adolescents inside and/or outside of the office. Although, I consider myself an "eclectic style therapist", I primarily incorporate CBT activities into my sessions.

CBT has a high response rate and is an effective treatment of anxiety disorders and more in children.

Who says you have to sit on a couch at therapy? I can meet your child at a park, basketball court, playground and even your house. This will not only build amazing rapport but your child may even like therapy!I can a-2.png

I will help your child...

  • identify negative or anxiety provoking thoughts and learn to replace with better ones
  • face their fears through exposure leading to a reduction in anxiety
  • feel comfortable
  • understand that their issues are manageable

Your child will learn...

  • how anxiety and other mental disorders work (psychoeducation is huge!)
  • techniques to counter anxiety symptoms
  • appropriate skills to address thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • to identify and change unhealthy behaviors
childhood anxiety disorders- child therapy - child psychology

Not just anxiety treatment...more reasons why parents contact me: 

  • life-transitions
  • depression
  • poor social skills
  • school related problems
  • low self-esteem
  • anger management
  • parent frustration
  • peer/family conflict
  • negative behavior
  • ineffective coping skills
  • ongoing stress
  • identity struggles