Generalized Anxiety (GAD)

"My kid worries about everything"

Worries about everything Worries all day Worries are uncontrollable

  • not just worried about self but about others
  • worry eats away at child
  • feels pressured
  • worries take on life of their own
  • afraid of doing wrong thing
  • programmed to find element of fear
  •  find potential problems in any situation
  • possibly mean probably
  • worry is pervasive
  • fearful anticipation
  • can't seem to let anything go
  • endless time struggling with concerns that really belong to other people
  • can't stop worrying
  • always has list of worries
  • future orientation - your kid worries about getting a good job
  • performance fears
  • often seeks reassurance
  • afraid of getting in trouble
  • fears about failure
  • concerns about family or parents marriage
  • fears about illness

My child is...

  • on edge and looks tense
  • having difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • having difficulty concentrating
  • unable to enjoy things
  • easily fatigued
  • complaining of muscle tension or other physical symptoms

Anxiety treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)